Woman Celebrating Debt Free Life After BankruptcyIn the Past Year 32,113 Households in Northern Ohio Began Living a Debt Free Life by Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Think about it for a minute.  In one year over 30,000 local people can awaken to a new day.  They can answer the phone.  They can look forward to opening the mail.  If they choose overtime the money will go in the bank.  If not, they can just work one job.  They can actually save for a rainy day, and maybe for some sunny ones.  That is what a debt free life is about.  It is all right to work and actually get ahead.  Why not you?  How do you go about filing for bankruptcy?

Balena Law Firm, LLC Is the Bankruptcy Attorney for Hundreds of Your Friends and Neighbors

The simple fact is I am different from any other Lorain and Cuyahoga County bankruptcy attorney. I have set my practice up to enhance your experience. If you have ever had a lawyer before you will see the difference immediately.  Here is what you will notice:

  • I start working for you as soon as you sign on the dotted line. If you are getting collection agency calls, I want you to give them my number.
  • Many Cleveland bankruptcy attorneys file only chapter 7 cases. Why? Because they are easy. I do chapter 13 cases as well.  That way you can be sure your property has the best protection possible from bill collectors and from chapter 7 liquidation.
  • I have done the footwork for you to find the most effective online credit counselors. My attorney code gives you access.
  • If you do not have a good computer or reliable internet, you can do the classes in my office. I have a computer for that purpose.
  • I accept debit cards. You don’t not have to come to the office to make payment. You can call in your payments. I can accept a credit card from a third party willing to help you pay to file bankruptcy.

Once you are comfortable with the decision to file for bankruptcy, you can set up a time for a consultation by calling 440-365-2000, or 888-633-5426 toll free.  Select extension 701. When you come in you are not yet my client and I am not yet your bankruptcy attorney.  You will interview me to see if I am right for you.  I will interview you to see if you are the right client for me.  I do not expect you to pay for the consultation in advance unless you are scheduling a Saturday morning appointment.  If we conclude that together we are a good fit as attorney and client, we will enter a written contract for bankruptcy services. The nearly one hour bankruptcy consultation is factored into my base fee.

Every system at Balena Law Firm, LLC is in place to add value to your experience. Your documents will be scanned and stored in a dropbox, a cloud based system which allows me access anywhere I have internet access. I can even work your case from home.

Elyria Bankruptcy Attorney Bill BalenaI had an office in Elyria since 1983. I have been a chapter 7, and chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in since 1997.  In January, 2013 I moved my main office to Westlake, Ohio on Detroit Road across the street from the Promenade at Crocker Park. This is a much easier to reach location close to I-90, I-480 and Center Ridge Road. It is super easy to find. Check the map. There is ample, safe parking and the building is accessible. I still have office facilities in Elyria, by appointment.

When it comes time to go to your meeting of creditors, I will be there for you. I don’t pay a lawyer you don’t know a few bucks to save me the trip to Cleveland. These guys do not know you or your case. If the judge requires a hearing for some reason, I will be representing you in court.  You are hiring me.  You get me.

Make An Appointment With Balena Law Firm, LLC

The next step is for you to call for a consultation. Evening and Saturday morning appointments are available. Fill out the contact box for a discount, and a valuable, no-obligation, no-charge, bankruptcy E-Course.  You will learn all the things I wish I could tell you not to do before you call me to file bankruptcy.

If you want an experienced Elyria, Lorain, North Ridgeville and Cuyahoga County bankruptcy attorney  who will answer your questions, then I am your choice. Check what my clients say.  I can bring you peace of mind, and stop all the calls. Don’t want to come to Westlake?  No problem. I am happy to meet with you in Elyria by appointment.  Call me.

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Bill Balena

Bill Balena is an attorney with offices in Westlake, Ohio. He represents consumers in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Federal Student Loan Resolution. He is a former city prosecutor, and an accomplished OVI, DUI, DUS and criminal trial attorney.

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