3 Easy Ways To Get Your Tax Return Or Transcript

Easy Ways To Get Tax ReturnHere are 3 easy ways to get your tax return or tax account transcript. I need your tax return to file a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy. This mean your most recently filed tax return. Hopefully you are current in your tax filings. If not, you will have to come clean to finish your bankruptcy.

The 3 easy ways to get your tax return or tax account transcript are:

  1. Create a PDF in your tax software and email it to me
  2. Order a tax transcript at irs.gov
  3. Call the IRS at 800-908-9946, and follow the prompts to order

You may not know this, but there is a plot against anyone interested in filing for bankruptcy relief. The moment you think of filing bankruptcy, all the ink drains from your printer cartridges. Hope of ever having a functioning printer is lost. How can I say this? Because anytime a potential client does his taxes with Turbo Tax, they can’t print out the returns because they have no ink for the printer. It’s universal. We used to joke that you could not file for bankruptcy unless you had a $10,000 loan from Beneficial of Ohio, and your collateral was a wobbly bowling ball and a broken fishing pole. Now the deciding factor is a lack of printer ink. Out of ink? Call me immediately for a bankruptcy consultation.

Create a PDF and email it to me.

Seriously, you do not need to print me a copy if you use tax preparation software. Here is one of the 3 easy ways to get your tax return. Just go to your print dialog box and instead of printing, save the return as a PDF. I like PDF files better than paper returns. Why? Because you can email me the return as an attachment, and it is already formatted the way I need it.

Order a tax account transcript directly from the IRS online or by telephone.

Could anything be easier? Well, yes. Your tax account transcript is available from the IRS. Your tax dollars at work. This time in a good way. You need a computer and internet access. The IRS does not charge anything for the tax account transcript. You can get the current tax year, as well as the past three tax years.  Just go to irs.gov.  Click on the online tool link, “order a transcript.” Currently this link is located in the bottom left corner of the site. If you do not have internet access you can order by telephone by calling 800-908-9946, and following the prompts. A tax account transcript is all you need to file bankruptcy. An actual copy of your return costs $57. This is a waste of money and you should not get a copy.

If you order the transcript as I have just described you should have it in 5 to 10 days. If you use the old method of faxing Forms 4506, 4506T, or 4506T-EZ your tax account transcript will take about 30 days to arrive.  Actual return copies take about 60 days. Transcripts are just fine. By following my 3 easy steps to get your tax return or tax account transcript, you should have no problem having your tax return in time for your bankruptcy consultation, or in time to provide it to the trustee before your meeting of creditors.

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Bill Balena

Bill Balena is a Bankruptcy attorney with an office in Westlake, Ohio. I represent consumers in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. I am also an accomplished dui/ovi trial attorney.

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