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EndI am at the end of the bankruptcy alphabet. If you have been checking out my site for the past 3 months you will notice that I have been writing on topics starting with A and ending with Z. 26 different posts in alphabetical order. I have written over 11,000 words during that time. Originally I made a list of topics thinking it would be really easy. I was wrong.

Things happen all the time in the world. This leads to things I want to write about on these pages. I veered from the path of my master list almost immediately. I would find a topic I thought would be of interest, but then I had to fit it to a letter. I sincerely hope you find that this project has been somehow informative for your situation.

It is not entirely completed. My writing is done. As other participants dig deeper toward the end of the bankruptcy alphabet I will be updating the links to their articles to keep your experience as fresh as possible.

I wish I could take credit for this project, but I can’t. Picasso said great artists copy. A good friend named Jay Fleischman conceived this project. At first I did not jump in. His goal was to write a post for each letter until he got to the end of the alphabet. He wanted other attorneys in our group to do the same and we would all link to one and others’ articles.

I stayed away until about the middle of November, last year. I watched other lawyers do their posts and finally thought it would just be cool to do it. I jumped in.

When I started the bankruptcy alphabet project I already had over 100 pages on my site.  Most lawyer websites have fewer than 30. So I wrote. I wrote at coffee. I wrote at lunch. I wrote the letter Z at dinner last night. I’m writing this at lunch today.

What did I learn through this experience? I learned to really write, but now I write with a laser focus. As usual Jay Fleischman pushed me to do much more than what he originally advertised. Now I am at the end of the bankruptcy alphabet. Many who started never finished. Now it is time to write some more. I will get back to questions you need to answer about bankruptcy. I am also starting a new project that will comment on up to the minute bankruptcy issues in the news.

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Bill Balena

Bill Balena is an attorney with offices in Westlake, Ohio. He represents consumers in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Federal Student Loan Resolution. He is a former city prosecutor, and an accomplished OVI, DUI, DUS and criminal trial attorney.

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