How Paperless & Location Independent Benefits You

4 months of paperwork to sort

What does it mean when I tell you Balena Law Firm is paperless and location independent?  When you come in for your bankruptcy consultation I instruct you to bring in an armload of documents.  The new law requires verification of everything.  Even who you are!  Many times you express concern over leaving these things with me.  What do I tell you?  “The next time I see you I will give them back because we scan them to a disk.”  I don’t want to store your papers.  You can do that.  We are nearly completely paperless.

That is only part of the story.  We do scan them.  However, what is different is we save your documents to an encrypted, cloud based, storage service at   I am the only Lorain County Bankruptcy Attorney who uses this service.  Why is this good for you?  Warning, I am about to go computer geek on you!

1.       The way dropbox works is that an encrypted folder is created on each and every computer used by my office.

2.       Copies of your important documents go into your sub-folder, and are protected from fire, flood or other disaster.

3.       If a document is changed, or added, your folder on each computer updates immediately as well.

4.       I have redundant on and off-site computer backup in Balena Law Firm.  Dropbox adds a third layer of backup for your critical information.

5.       Dropbox has an app for my iPhone.  That gives me access to the encrypted folder anywhere I have service.

A few weeks ago a client forgot to bring her proof of Social Security number to her meeting of creditors.  She went to the Cleveland social security office for a certified copy.  For some reason on that date the social security office was mobbed.  I was able to retrieve a copy of a W-2 on my iPhone to display to the chapter 7 trustee.  Having an encrypted cloud based sub folder for her saved the hassle, time and additional fees of having to come for another meeting of creditors.

Another benefit of preserving your folders as we do is I am now location independent.  Of course I enjoy having my own office,I  love the décor, and I think you want a bankruptcy attorney who has one.  As I write this Northern Ohio is predicted to have a severe winter storm.  When this happens no one goes anywhere.  With your file encrypted on a cloud based server I can work on your case anywhere.  You, me and Lori can all be snowed in and we can still work on your case.  If you are faced with an emergency I do not have to have access to my office to file your bankruptcy case.  I can do that anywhere I have an internet connection.  True location independence!

With my virtual phone system you might never know where we are working at a given moment.  All this allows the Balena Law Firm to provide you the utmost and most modern service to get you moving forward again.

Do you have questions about a paperless, location independent office?  Leave a comment.

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Bill Balena

Bill Balena is a Bankruptcy attorney with an office in Westlake, Ohio. I represent consumers in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. I am also an accomplished dui/ovi trial attorney.

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